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QCCart's software is compatible with the major affiliate programs

On the Internet today there are millions of web sites that produce some or all of their income through different affiliate programs. This is because the potential sales from the majority of web sites is relatively small and large vendors such as rent-a-car companies, hotel chains, the airlines and many others do not have the time to deal with the thousands of web sites that might produce smaller returns. To generate a better return on their efforts many of these companies use an intermediary that in effect bundle the information from the many large vendors into a single set of databases. This is what affiliate programs do and this makes it possible for many web sites to sell products such as hotel or airline reservations. This has the effect of opening up larger markets for both large vendors such as hotel chains.

These affiliate programs have benefits for both the smaller volume web sites, the start ups and the larger companies that benefit from the combined sales volume from thousands of web sites. An affiliate program allows you to sell many different kinds of goods and services through your web site using outside vendors that would normally not find it practical or profitable to have thousands of smaller or start up affiliates. If using an affiliate program is how you plan to make a percentage or all of your income, you will not have to interrupt this relationship when you use our shopping cart software. Our software is compatible with the major affiliate program providers on the web today.

If you belong to any one of the affiliate programs that are listed below you will be able to integrate that part of your business into your shopping cart. None of the other shopping cart software available now on the market lets you do this.

Affiliate Programs

Other affiliate programs supported with our HTML on Receipt option.