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QcCart's Software Also Supports Google Checkout

Google Checkout™ is a checkout process that you provide with your shopping cart to enable your customers to buy things quickly and securely. Once someone makes a purchase from your web site, Google Checkout can be used to charge their credit cards, process their orders, and to move the payment into your bank account

  • Sell more products. Google Checkout works with Google's AdWords advertising program. This might increase sales and minimize expenses through the online sales and marketing process.
  • Attract more customers. Customers who use Google Checkout frequently search for merchants who offer it on their websites. You can attract these potential customers by displaying the Google Checkout logo on your advertisements.
  • Convert more sales. Google Checkout helps persuade shoppers to buy on your site and buy more often.
  • Protect yourself against fraud. The fraud prevention tools in Google Checkout can stop bad orders from being made. Plus Checkout's Payment Guarantee policy protects you from charge backs.

If you already have your Google Checkout account, and your shopping cart account
please Click here for step by step configuration instructions

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* Valid only for new Google Checkout merchants with a self-managed AdWords account. Merchants must (i) be properly referred by QCCart, (ii) use an approved implementation of Google Checkout, and (iii) successfully process at least three (3) valid payment transactions and at least $500 of valid payments as a merchant through Google Checkout. The promotional credit will be distributed directly to the merchant within 30 days after the end of the month in which the merchant satisfies the criteria outlined in (i), (ii) and (iii). Merchants will be charged for advertising that exceeds the promotional credit. Merchants will need to suspend their ads if they do not wish to receive additional charges beyond the free credit amount. Subject to ad approval, valid registration and acceptance of the Google AdWords Program standard terms and conditions. The promotional credit is non-transferable and may not be sold or bartered. Offer may be revoked at any time for any reason by Google Inc. One promotional credit per merchant. For new AdWords Program registrants, an activation fee of $5 will be applied and deducted from the promotion credit. Offer valid only for merchants in the United States signing up for Google Checkout through the referral link provided. The promotional credit will expire approximately 90 days from the date the credit is issued.