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QCCart shopping cart software lets you offer coupons for your products

There is no question that offering coupons has a beneficial effect on the sales of a business. Coupons increase immediate sales and can increase future sales. Coupons can also focus sales on products that you have an excess inventory in. Suppose you get a one-time great deal on a particular product. Our software lets you take advantage of this situation by giving your shopping cart the capacity to recogize and process coupons.

QCCart software has the capability to let you setup coupons that can be based on a particular dollar amount or a percentage discount on an individual product or on the quantity of a product. These coupons can also be used as a gift certificate and can be redeemed by an unlimited number of your customers or their friends. There is also the capacity to setup discounts for each individual product that are automatically applied, based on dollar or percentage discounts and the quantity or dollar value ordered. Almost all of the shopping cart software on the market today does not offer the capacity to process coupons. QCCart's software lets you operate your shopping cart like a brick-and-mortar store and like the largest firms doing business on the web.