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QCCart software tracks web site visitor statistics

Statistics that tell you where visitors to your web site go and what they like and possibly dislike provide a valuable tool for you to grow your business. For example if you have a web page on your shopping cart that gets a lot of visitors but has a relatively low sales conversion rate can tell you if you are pricing your products well or if there might be something else that you need to change.

Our software gives you a set of statistics for each of your shopping cart web pages. This is an important tool that will tell you which products visitors to you web site are most interested in. It can also give you information about how effective your promotions are. A page view is one visit to a web page. Page view statistics are a valuable tool that will help you to refine and better target your sales efforts by giving you feedback about where your customers go on your web site.

QCCart also has a returning Customer Login Feature. This lets your customers view their purchases including sales tax and shipping totals. Statistics can be a valuable tool for both you and your customers. The success of any shopping cart rides on customer satisfaction with either the product or the price of the product. The statistics that our software provide make it easier to determine how effective your shopping cart is.