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Shopping Carts That Are Customizable

QCCart is customizable. This means that your shopping cart can be made to have the look and feel of the rest of your web site. With other shopping cart software often the order forms and checkout pages have a rigid structure and do not allow web site designers to make changes. This will make designers have to change their web sites to look like the pages offered by the shopping cart vendors. It is expensive to use a shopping cart software package that allows designers to customize the order forms and checkout pages.

Not with QCCart. For the same basic low price you will be able to integrate your order forms and checkout pages. This includes things like background image, fonts, background color, and logo and input text. These customizations can be made at any time and redone as often as needed. The design and look-and-feel of a web site often requires updating or changes. The flexibility of QCCart software lets your web site grow as needed.