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Our Shopping Cart Software is Compatible with eBay

Do you use or plan to use eBay to sell some or all of your products? Many start-up and even established businesses find that this is a good way to find markets for their products and to find new customers. Some businesses use eBay as a way to get extra sales and to publicize their company and products. There are also thousands of businesses that market their products exclusively on eBay. If you are or might be this type of business then you will be happy to know that QCCart's software has the capability to list and complete payment for all eBay auctions.

If you use eBay now or if you plan to use eBay in the future, you will not have to change anything on you web site if you are using our software because it is compatible with eBay auctions. When you put a product up for auction the winning bidders will be presented with an 'add product' button by way of an email. Upon successful completion payment our shopping cart software will update the eBay auction status automatically.

You can also use your web site to promote your auctions on eBay by adding links to your auctions. By integrating your web site and shopping cart your business has a more professional look and feel. Even if you do not use eBay now or have no plans to use eBay, that outlet for your products might become a possibility in the future. Our software leaves that possibility open and makes your shopping cart as flexible as you will need for it to be.