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QCCart performs error checking on customer purchase and credit card data

One of the biggest and most problems encountered with automated shopping cart systems is user input error. Most software, including that used for shopping carts has at least some error-checking algorisms. Error checking is often limited because it is difficult to discern where or when a customer will make a mistake. Errors can be especially troublesome to find sometimes and they often result in financial or product availability issues. These issues emerge when customers might put in the wrong zip code, a bad credit card number, number of items to purchase, or any number of things that could lead to a disputed or misplaced order. Our shopping cart software performs error checking on all customer input and avoid all of these problems.

In keeping with the philosophy that the customer is always right, the error checking that QCCart software performs helps to avoid disputes that arise from bad input and makes sure that your customer is always right - at least during the transaction process. Error checking helps to avoid costly shipping errors, under sales and over sales.

Many shopping carts on various web sites do some error checking especially for credit cards. QCCart shopping cart software raises the amount of error checking to a new level of quality.