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QCCart has the Capability of Using or Being Used in Most Languages

With the rise of economies in Asia and elsewhere such as South America, and with a huge European market, a significant part of your sales could come from these far away places. That is one of the great benefits of using the web to sell your products; your market place can be worldwide. To remain competitive in the current economic environment it is possible and necessary to be able to sell your products overseas. Why restrict your market place to English speaking (and reading) customers?

Our software gives your shopping cart the ability to display your product pages in any language supported by UTF-8 and HTML elements. There are hundreds of languages supported by this format. All of the major languages are supported. How does this work? Do you have to do anything differently? Simply upload your custom language files and your product pages will automatically display the best language to your customer based on their local browser language settings. So you do not have to do anything, the software does it for you.

This can open up world of new markets for you. Depending on the product it might be surprising how many sales can be made overseas. The only issue for you occurs when your overseas customers email you thinking that you understand their language. Our best advice is to use the Google "Translate" feature. While Translate doesn't always give the best translation it can also translate your reply. This kind of flexibility done automatically through our software gives your shopping cart the potential to millions more customers.