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QCCart software has an advanced Order Management System

An order management system is essential to companies that have a varied and diverse product or services base. Order management software helps a business keep track of orders and available inventory. Without this type of software the business that your shopping cart brings in can become unmanageable.

QCCart Order Management software is automated, secure and provides the kind of control that will allow you to run you business efficiently. You will be able to view and update and track the status of any order. You will be able to set the software to send an automated email order confirmation. The order management software also has the ability to send emails with status updates and shipping tracking numbers.

Our shopping cart software makes it easy to stay on top of your business transactions. You customers will appreciate the effectiveness of your order management system. How well your customers feel that your business has handled their orders will be reflected in return sales. Most other shopping cart software on the market today does not have the capacity or ability to track sales and product availability.