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Our Shopping Cart Software Will Calculate Real-Time Shipping Charges

Quick Commerce Cart software has many advanced features that will make your shopping cart more functional and easy to use. One of the most useful features is that our software actually calculates shipping and handing charges automatically for you without any guessing or estimates of shipping charges. Our software makes these calculations automatically by polling the shipping cost databases of the three major shipping carriers, FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service. The benefit to your business and your shopping cart is that these cost structures to not have to be constantly updated and the shipping charges do not have to be estimated.

Most shopping cart software packages on the market today will have you estimate probable shipping charges and even the handling costs. This can and often does result in either overcharges where your products will appear to be more expensive than they really are, or undercharges where you lose money because the estimate on a sale was too low. What makes this situation even more difficult is that you have to update these estimates in your software whenever one of the shipping carriers changes their rates. If you are not aware that these rates have changed you could end up charging too little on your shipping costs. If your profit margin is very competitive then any profits could be wiped out by underestimated shipping costs.

Calculating the shipping costs based on what your shipping carrier actually charges for a certain weight or size package and distance to a particular location accurately is something that you will never have to be concerned about with Quick Commerce Cart’s software. You will not have to manually update your system and keep up with what your carrier charges and you can focus on your business.