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Field 6: itemhandling (optional)

The price to ship and/or process (handle) the product. This amount can be applied in addition to the rate calculated using the Approved Shipping Methods or Shipping By Table used within QCCart. The variable allows you to adjust your fees on a per product basis and possibly create a higher profit margin on items that may be popular, cheaper/more expensive, or easier to deliver. All entries MUST include a currency symbol ( $ ) or a percent symbol ( % ).

This variable is expandable and can accommodate a custom handling scale. To build your price structure, simply start with the first value, insert a colon, and indicate its price. Add additional quantities and their prices separated by another colon until all desired fees are inserted.

$xEach item adds $x to handling.
x%Each item adds x% of the items price to handling.
1:$x:10:$y:20:$zQuantities of 9 or less charge $x each.
Quantities of 10-19 or less charge $y each.
Quantities of 20 or more charge $z each.
>1:$x:2:0Only charge $x for shipping, no matter how many they purchase
#12:$xCharge $x for every dozen purchased

Note: If the "PerHandling" option is used in Field 9: itemexempt (optional) then the amount will not be calculated per product, but only once per order.

The "PerHandling" option is only intended to be used with the "$x", and "x%" Item Handling codes. To use it with the other, more complex codes may result in an error.

Shipping/Handling charges may still come from other sources such as UPS or FedEx. Or from other products having their own handling fee.