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HTML For Bottom Of Receipt

If you have any affiliate program, tracking pixel, or would just like to have additional HTML at the bottom of the receipt then place it in this box. Please note that many affiliate programs require special information to be sent to them to complete their end. The shopping cart has the following reserved words that it will replace with the appropriate values so that the affiliate programs can operate.

PRINTPAGENAMEReceiptPrints the name of the page currently being displayed
PRINTSUBTOTAL49.95Prints the order subtotal
PRINTSHIPPING2.95Prints the total shipping amount
PRINTTAX3.12Prints the total tax
PRINTGRANDTOTAL56.02Prints the order grand total
PRINTBILLNAMEJohn DoePrints the billing full name
PRINTBILLSTREET1123 Sample LanePrints the first line of the billing street address
PRINTBILLSTREET2Suite 234Prints the second line of the billing street address
PRINTBILLCITYBeverly HillsPrints the bill city
PRINTBILLSTATECAPrints the bill state
PRINTBILLZIP90210Prints the bill postal code
PRINTBILLCOUNTRYUSPrints the bill country
PRINTSHIPNAMEJohn DoePrints the shipping full name
PRINTSHIPSTREET1123 Sample LanePrints the first line of the shipping street address
PRINTSHIPSTREET2Suite 234Prints the second line of the shipping street address
PRINTSHIPCITYBeverly HillsPrints the ship city
PRINTSHIPSTATECAPrints the ship state
PRINTSHIPZIP90210Prints the ship postal code
PRINTSHIPCOUNTRYUSPrints the ship country
PRINTORDERNUMBEROnlineOrder_02004219Prints the order invoice number
PRINTCOUPONIDS Prints a comma separated list of the coupons used in this order
PRINTYOURID Prints your CustomerID if any
PRINTIPADDRESS127.0.0.1Prints customer's IP address
PRINTNAMEJohn DoePrints the billing full name
PRINTEMAILjohn@doe.comPrints the billing email address

Note: If you are using your data in an HTML link we recommend you URI escape your data by adding URI to the end of your PRINT. For example instead of PRINTNAME you would use PRINTURINAME

The "PRINTDATAFORM()" function can be used to get a list for each product purchased. You can display any of the following:
THEQUANTITY--Prints the quantity purchased for this product only
THEUNITPRICE--Prints the unit price for this product only
THESUBTOTAL--Prints the subtotal for this product only
THENAME--Prints the name of this product
THEPART--Prints the part number for this product

Here are some examples:

A comma separated list of part numbers.

This will prints a list of part numbers and quantity.

An example use for an affiliate system.
  var saleTHECOUNTER = PostAffTracker.createSale();

You may also want to try these functions:
PRINTDATAURI() - URI escape the result. Excellent when using invisible images.
PRINTDATAFORM() - HTML escape the result. Excellent when you need the data in a form, or when using JavaScript.