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  • Field 3: itemcost (required) -- The price of the product. All entries MUST be numeric.

    The field is also expandable and may contain entries for additional costs and/or used to include the cost of accessory items. This is accomplished by referencing "VARcost" or "AppendItem" and inserting additional code as shown.

    Cost Single Selection$xxx.xx
    Cost Multiple Selection                             VARcost

    Paste this before the </form> tag . . .

    <select name="VARcost">
    <option value="$x">$x</option>
    <option value="$y">$y</option>
    <option value="$z">$z</option>

    To create this sample product listing. . .

    This feature may be combined with either previous option.

    Cost Multiple product listing                            AppendItem

    To create a sample product listing. . .

    Include Pull-Handle -- $9.00
    Include Brass Wheels -- $14.00
    Add Leather ID Tag -- $6.00

    Go to Example 8 for a complete example including source code.

Return to "Add to Cart" Code Explanations.