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  • Fields 20-29: Misc Product Information (optional) -- These fields are reserved for merchant use. The shopping cart will not use these fields other then to store them for the merchant to retrieve later.

    When a customer selects an option from special product properties, the selection is saved in one of these fields. Merchants can have up to 10 special product properties to be recorded; any properties after 10 will be omitted.

    The questions could be anything. Here are some examples:
    Please enter your mothers maiden name: Smith
    What is your favorite color: Blue
    Gender: Male/Female

    The answers are limited to 255 characters, anything after that will be lost.

    QCCart does not use the answers, it only display them here:
    1) The receipt
    2) In a CSV file they can download

    A merchant can download the CSV file here
    1) Login
    2) Order History
    3) Download My Orders
    4) You can then open the downloaded file
    5) Open the file in Excel or any other program that can open a CSV file

    The file format can be found here CSV Format Details

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