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What do you get with the shopping cart software upgrade package?

The second tier upgrade to our software upgrade will provide all of the additional features needed to add more functionality to your shopping cart. As your online business grows these features will make crucial the difference in allowing unlimited growth for your business.
  • Custom Layout - On the shopping cart order form/checkout pages you will be able to customize the background image/color, logo, buttons and the font/text-color. For more advanced users, there is also the capability to add your own header and footer. QcCart software provides a link back to the last page where your customer was shopping and generates a unique invoice number for each order.

  • Inventory Control - The inventory control feature will notify you via email when your inventory level is running below a point that you specify for any product. This also keeps your customers from buying items that are out of stock. There is even a feature that allows items to be Back Ordered.

  • Coupon Management - This feature lets you setup an unlimited amount of coupons based on either dollar or percentage discounts for individual products or the quantity of an item purchased. These coupons can be printed and given out to be redeemed by an unlimited number of customers.

  • Gift Certificates - With this feature you will have the capability to sell gift certificates for selected products that act as prepaid cash. You can sell gift certificates in specific amounts or let the value of the gift be determined by your customers.

  • Recurring Billing - The recurring billing feature allows you to charge customer(s) automatically at any given interval.

  • Tax Information - Some merchants are required to charge a tax based on the customer's county, or city. This feature gives you the ability to add those individual tax rates that are based on county or city location.

  • QuickBooks - Our shopping cart software lets you download order information into QuickBooks IIF file. This file can be easily imported into QuickBooks to save you time with data entry.
Upgrade Pricing

For a one-time fee of just $25 and an additional $24 per month you can start using any or all of these additional features today!