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QCCart software is PayPal compatible

PayPal is an online payment system that has been around for a long time. For a long time it was one the easiest methods of payment used by small online businesses. Typically businesses that had a limited interest in selling products over the web used PayPal to collect payments. It was a convenient way for people who shop online frequently to make payments because once a user has setup up an account, with PayPal their information was retained and they would not have to enter it every time that they purchased something. PayPal is now owned by eBay and is often used as a method of payment for auctions. For the company or persons using eBay, PayPal is convenient.

As a small business transitions into a larger entity PayPal may not be the best or most professional way to receive payments. The reason that PayPal is not always the best way to collect payments is that it can become more costly than using shopping cart software. PayPal may also not look as professional as using a shopping cart on your web site.

QCCart's shopping cart software lets you take payments made through PayPal as the sole checkout method or in addition to credit card and/or electronic check payments. This gives your online business the flexibility to offer as many payment methods as possible and the professional look that some of your competitors may have. Due to the Internet fraud of the past many online shoppers may still prefer payment methods such as PayPal because of their security features. To many of these customers it does not matter that your shopping cart is SSL secure - they want PayPal. With our system you won't have to turn these shoppers away. Because QCCart software is as secure as PayPal or any other system you might see that visitors to your web site will prefer just to use the shopping cart.