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How can I create a drop-down menu for an add to cart button?

To create a drop-down menu for an "Add to Cart" button you would:
  1. Enter the information to create the standard "Add to Cart" button for your product.
  2. Click the link "Create special product properties here".
  3. Enter a property "Name".
  4. Select an input type. This example will use Drop-Down Menus. Do NOT click "Add Property" yet.
  5. Enter an "Option Name".
  6. If this particular property option has a different cost than the main product, enter the difference into the "Price Modification" box.
  7. Check the box "Default to error".
  8. Click "Add Option".
  9. Repeat steps 5 - 8 for any additional options for this property.
  10. Once you have added all options for this property, click "Add Property".
  11. Repeat steps 3 - 10 for any additional properties.
  12. Click "Close" to close the window.
  13. Click on "Create Add to Cart Code".
  14. Copy and paste the HTML into your site.