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How do I find what I'm looking for?
Choose your keywords wisely. Select descriptive, specific words. For example, [ test card numbers ] rather than [ numbers ] or [programming database template ] instead of [ database ].

If you're looking for an exact match, try a phrase search. When you enclose your search query in quotation marks, you'll only get results for the exact terms you entered in the order you entered them. For example, [ "testing my account" ] rather than [ testing my account ].

Ok, I found the item in the search tool. Now, where is it in the shopping cart?
If the FAQ entry is part of the sopping cart setup, it will have a section called “Where is this feature” located to the right of the article.

Advanced Search Options
Phrase Search – Enclose in portions of your search text in quotation marks
Wildcard Search – Use the * character to mach the first portion of a word. For example, [ test* ] would match [ test ] and [ testing ] as well as [ tested ]
Boolean Search – Use + and - to make words required or not allowed